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Poll - Chivas USA Player of the Month: June 2013

Who stood out in a month of transition?

Who's your man of the month? Vote now!
Who's your man of the month? Vote now!

June was a month of transition for Chivas USA. After firing Chelís in May, Chivas USA Academy Director Sacha van der Most helmed the side for a league match against the Seattle Sounders, and a U.S. Open Cup game against the Carolina RailHawks. Chivas lost both games, stretching their losing streak further. Then Jose Luis Real ended up fully taking on the job, and led the team in three games: losses to the Vancouver Whitecaps and the LA Galaxy, and then finally, a draw against the New England Revolution.

But it's not just about the coach. It's also about the players, who actually have to execute game plans. With Chivas USA's squad dwindling over recent weeks, a core of sorts emerged, although you'll notice there were also a few players who featured last month who are no longer part of the team. Still, it's that time again - vote on the Chivas USA Player of the Month from June!

Feel free to make a case for your selection in the comment section below, and of course, tell your friends and family to vote this week! Your vote truly counts!

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