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"What the Flock?!" reveals the secret HBO footage that was too hot for TV*

Get the inside scoop* on the infamous interview.

"My allergies have been acting up lately, and..."
"My allergies have been acting up lately, and..."
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

*(SPOILER ALERT: The interview was a parody that should not be taken as real. )

We're you satisfied with the quality of sports journalism exhibited by the HBO "Real Sports" team and Soledad O'Brien? Do you think it was fair? Accurate?

About the only thing any "true" Chivas USA fan can agree on is that it was grossly controversial and made our club look poorly in the elitist world of Major League Soccer.

Truth is, "What the Flock?!" has uncovered previously unreleased material from the interview with Paco Palencia courtesy of Edward Snowden. Some of the material may be considered offensive or not appropriate for intelligent audiences.

Please listen with an open mind.

As far as the podcast itself, we go over the Red Card mania that is sweeping Chivas USA right now and its recurring infection on the whole team. We also explore the issue of race (again) with regards to Tristen Bowen and his spitting incident. I argue that he must feel frustrated being bypassed by coaches or that possibly he might overcompensating. Glyco and our new friend, Omar Avalos had a more logical argument that he might be playing out of position and he's just losing his cool.

We also mention the success of U-23 squad and the emergence of "Cubo" Torres.

We just basically had some fun at the expense of HBO, Paco Palencia, and Soledad O' Brien. We hope our listeners got the joke because we're tired of being the punch line.

So listen now, before we have to move Russia to protect or network of sources.

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