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Chivatown Post: The Blame Game Edition

Who's to blame for the decadence of Chivas in Mexico and the US?

Antunez: On the mend
Antunez: On the mend

As anticipated earlier here at The Goat Parade, any seismic shifts concerning Chivas de Guadalajara will have reverberations at Chivas USA. The Chivas Empire, or Chivas Nation, if you will, is in decadence according to what some opine. Some say that the threat of descending into Mexico's Ascenso MX is very real for Guadalajara. And all of this turmoil in some way impacts Chivas USA, since the LA side is now more closely integrated with Guadalajara. We've already had the scare of having Eric Avila possibly leave, and there was talk of Paco Palencia being named head coach of the Mexican side (I know, some of you would have loved to have seen that happen).

Chivas de Guadalajara announced this week that coach Benjamin Galindo is out and Juan Carlos Ortega is in.

Jorge Vergara goes on ESPN's Fútbol Picante and states that he's not to blame (Spanish) for the woes at Chivas LA and Guadalajara and Chelís accuses Dennis Te Kloese for the crisis at Chivas (Spanish), here and there.

Chivas USA reintegrates Bryan de la Fuente in a move to gather a lost flock member, like they've done with Eric Avila, Gabriel Farfan etc, etc.

Another update within Chivas USA involves Daniel Antunez, who is recovering from a knee injury suffered in his first start for the club. Alas, he'll have to aim to return next season if that knee, which he's already injured prior to this season, permits.

Jose Luis Real talks with Telemundo Deportes (Spanish) and states that there is no discrimination at Chivas USA. He speaks wonders of MLS's coaches and players, and states that it's still not valued in Mexican circles, both in Mexico and in the US.

In Spain, Giovani dos Santos and Javier Aquino feature in their Villareal debut against UD Almería. Gio got an assist and a goal and Aquino assisted Gio on his goal for the comeback victory.

Ex-Chiva Carlos Vela scored Real Sociedad's first goal of the season at Liga BBVA. Vela also featured in Sociedad's Champions League match against Olympique Lyonnais of France, in which he got an assist.

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