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Why we should, and should not, worry about Chivas USA moving to Sacramento

On the scale of "nothing to nuclear" this one looks relatively harmless, but that doesn't mean there won't be something eventually.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA are having a bad year on and off the field. That much can't be denied. The amount of hope in the club's future depends on one's perspective, of course, as diehard fans and supporters are eager to see some sort of stunning triumph that essentially gives them a license to throw a big "F you!" in the faces of the legion of haters, while said haters have had more ammunition in their collective case that Chivas USA is a "failure" this year than perhaps anytime in the team's short history.

Although I wouldn't necessary count this as a news report in that it seems to be more speculation, it is worth noting that the Sacramento Press had an article from Monday mooting the possibility that Chivas USA could be sold and moved to the California state capital.

The author of the article, R.J. Cooper, has this key passage identifying potential players in purchasing and moving the club to NorCal:

Buying Chivas USA and moving it to Sacramento isn't a new idea. Ex-Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and his group made Chivas USA the target of their plan to bring a team to suburban Elk Grove. Warren Smith, the owner of Sacramento's new USL-Pro team, Sacramento Republic F.C., has stated that he wants the franchise to get into MLS within five years, but recent developments also make Chivas appear as viable an option, if not more so, than expansion.

Not to impugn his credentials, but Cooper did not provide any links to source this information. Whether that's because he's so far inside Sacramento soccer it's common knowledge up there, or if it is just reports floating around with no sources available, is unclear.

The story has picked up traction because Steve Davis of ProSoccerTalk wrote about it yesterday. While he does take the time to acknowledge the suffering Chivas USA fans (something that practically nobody else who writes about Chivas as a "failure" or needing to move does), he's pretty much on the Sacramento express as far as his sentiments. The problem with the continuing "mistakes" that Jorge Vergara admits making but doesn't really explain is that the more time being wasted in not having a coherent, multi-tiered plan for the club with real investment in all facets, the more the chorus to move the club will grow, and the smaller the chance Chivas USA will exist in the future, in whatever brand, in greater Los Angeles in the future.

As far as this specific report goes, I think there's little to no smoke on any substantive action, and I wouldn't worry about it for the moment. However, I would, and I do, worry about the fact that Chivas USA will be linked with literally every city clamoring for an MLS team that does not have a lower league team with the apparent success of Orlando City SC until further notice. No matter how far-fetched, and no matter how unrealistic, these reports, rumors, and just plain wishful thinking will not die down until the club hits some sort of crossroads.

I know some of you are in agreement with me, and some of you think I'm not giving the current plan enough time to really come to fruition. That could be true, but my point is that at this rate, there may not ultimately be enough time to wait for the plan to really develop by MLS standards, and that could leave Chivas USA fans holding the bag.

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