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Chivas USA vs. New York Red Bulls: The All Atwitter Edition

With today's contest between Chivas USA and the New York Red Bulls, we did a Q&A via Twitter with Dan Feuerstein.

Jeff Gross

Chivas USA are set to clash with the New York Red Bulls this afternoon, and in order to get you more in the mood, we spoke with Dan Feuerstein. Daniel's podcast, Feuerstein's Fire, has hit the 87,000 mark since St. Patrick's Day, 2010. Be sure to check out the show!

The Goat Parade: Describe the Thierry Henry- Fabian Espindola partnership. Last season it was Henry & Kenny Cooper under Hans Backe. Would you call it an upgrade over last year?

DF: Espindola is getting a bit better, but it's not good all the way. He is trying his best & that's a good thing.
Different system with Mike Petke than with Jason Kreis, but Espindola is trying. The damned extreme salary cap forced the move of Cooper. Tim Cahill & Thierry Henry are world class players in the locker room. You can tell Henry is a competitor when he is not happy.

GP: A huge turnout and high ratings are expected for Clint Dempsey's Seattle home debut against Portland. Who is the Red Bulls' most bitter rival? Will NY2 will be that team?

DF: D.C. United will always be the bitter rivals of RBNY. The New England Revolution as well. Philadelphia fans in soccer think it's there, but only in their heads.

Happy to see Clint Dempsey back in MLS and in his prime. I believe it will be a success for the league on TV to have him in MLS again.

GP: Finally, What's the soccer mood in NYC? The Red Bulls are near the top of the East standings, the Cosmos are back, NYCFC is soon coming, plus the EPL is underway. Do you worry about fragmentation and soccer burnout? Or is this more a case of the more the merrier?

DF: Soccer is always buzzing in the city. Doesn't matter which club or which league. Always soccer jerseys being worn in NYC. There will be no soccer burnout. But the return of the Cosmos is a good. I respect the past, but the right owner has to make it good. I keep hearing that competition is good, yet the league had to sell to an EPL side this NYC team. It's not the proper way of doing things.mThis will not be good & there is no place in the Bronx to build a stadium for Soccer.

Don Garber has gone away from what is truly important. Have MLS in every corner of the country. Orlando is ready, "Fraud City FC" is not. NY2 or "Fraud City FC" is a creation of the League. They didn't get someone or no one wanted to be involved so they forced this debacle.

Just to let you know, Garber has said in the past you need renderings for Stadium construction. Garber & MLS has none for Fraud City FC.

Thank you Daniel for your time! Besides the podcast, you can follow him on twitter @DFeuerstein

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