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Chivas USA announce local TV deal for remainder of 2013 season

They got a local TV deal! Just six months into the eight month season!

If you live in LA, you can watch Sunday's away game on TV!
If you live in LA, you can watch Sunday's away game on TV!

In news that should be filed in the "better late than never" category, Chivas USA announced Wednesday they will have a local TV deal, with both English- and Spanish-language broadcasts, for the rest of the 2013 season, after going the first 25 games of the campaign without any local TV presence.

Seven of the final nine games will be shown in English on KDOC and in Spanish on KWHY or its subsidiary channel, Super 22, in the Los Angeles area (if you live outside of greater LA, like me, you are still out of luck).

As one of two teams to go without a local TV deal for any stretch this season (D.C. United's local partner used it's obligation early this season, and they have now effectively swapped places with Chivas, in that they don't have coverage for most of the remaining games this year), and the only team to go without a local deal for the majority of the season, the local TV situation has been a sore spot all season for fans of the team, especially when it comes to away matches, when fans were required to subscribe to MLS Live/Direct Kick, or watch illegal streams in order to watch their team. For a team that seems to be desperate for fans, foregoing the strategy every major pro sports team does in showing their games on TV appeared to be a foolish decision at best.

Here's the broadcast schedule, including the local info, for the rest of the season:

Date Opponent English Spanish
Sept. 1 Vancouver Whitecaps KDOC KWHY
Sept. 4 Seattle Sounders None Super 22
Sept. 8 D.C. United KDOC KWHY
Sept. 14 Portland Timbers KDOC KWHY
Sept. 21 Houston Dynamo KDOC KWHY
Sept. 29 San Jose Earthquakes KDOC UniMas
Oct. 6 LA Galaxy KDOC UniMas
Oct. 23 Real Salt Lake None Super 22
Oct. 26 Portland Timbers KDOC KWHY

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