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Prepare for the 2013 NCAA Men's Division 1 Season!

With two weeks to go before kick off, here's your introduction to this season's stars and teams.

Neumann (right) in action away from college
Neumann (right) in action away from college

We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of the 2013 NCAA Men's College Soccer season, and the preseason polls are coming in. While Chivas USA may not have any draft picks in 2014 (as of now), the class is stock piled with great talent you should keep an eye on. You may be reading some preseason previews and recognizing a lot of the names from last season - many of the same guys are still with their college teams, and will only help make the draft stronger.

Some names to pay attention to: Patrick Mullins (Forward, Maryland), Steve Neumann (Forward, Georgetown), Andre Blake (Goalkeeper, Connecticut), Bryan Gallego (Defender, Akron), Sebastien Ibeagha (Defender, Duke), A.J. Corrado (Midfielder, Indiana).

Patrick Mullins and Steve Neumann will make most of the headlines as they were two of the best forwards last season, and will most likely continue their great runs in their senior seasons. A.J. Corrado spent the summer of 2012 training with Chivas USA, when he was invited to the camp by then assistant coach Greg Vanney. Bryan Gallego was originally a member of the New York Red Bulls academy, but his Homegrown rights were acquired by the Portland Timbers in a trade last December. That trade also marks another Akron acquisition for Timbers coach Caleb Porter. Sebastien Ibeagha's name may catch your eye as he declined a pro contract from the Houston Dynamo last December (he is a member of their academy) in order to return to Duke for his senior year. All of these players are listed in the Division 1 Men's First team on Top Drawer Soccer - you can read their full roster as well as there second and third teams here.

Other preseason polls discuss and rank the top recruiting classes, as well as the top teams in the country. College Soccer News selected UCLA as their number one recruitment class, despite losing Paul Arriola to a pro contract in Tijuana. Other notable teams in the top ten are Maryland, Georgetown, and Indiana, three of the four semi-finalists in last year's College Cup tournament.

College Soccer News is also one of many sources that release a ranking of the top teams. You can read theirs here. Keep an eye for more rankings - Top Drawer Soccer releases their rankings August 19th, and you can expect a few more in the weeks leading up to the opening matches the weekend of August 30th. Additionally, keep reading at The Goat Parade for team and player profiles and match reports throughout the season!

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