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"What the Flock?!" podcast is back! The guys are feeling feisty!

Did you miss us? We're back in the saddle.

Don't fret! "What the Flock?!" is back!
Don't fret! "What the Flock?!" is back!

What the Hell?! I mean, what the heck?!

Well, if it wasn't bad enough that "What the Flock?!" has been offline the past couple months, in our first episode back, Glyco goes off on an actual racist (possibly worse) boy scout commander or something, who complained about Glyco's soccer ball wavering into his "meeting."

Rest assured, we had time to go over a few talking pints, I mean points. One of which is the infamous "HBO Real Sports" segment on Chivas USA. So sad and so divisive. We rant on that and the long term ramifications. The topic of Jorge Vergara is also discussed in colorful terms.

I also announced that I have obtained non-aired footage from the Paco Palencia / Soledad O'Brien interview. Excerpts will be shared in the next podcast!

You can find the show, as always, on iTunes and Buzzsprout. Hit us up on twitter as well @whattheflockpod.


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