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Last Stand: Chivas USA must win Saturday

Chivas USA is practically, but not mathematically, elimanated from playoffs

Keep your fingers crossed..
Keep your fingers crossed..
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

If playoff contention is a barometer of a team's success, Chivas USA . . .

Let's put it this way, since 2009 only two teams--Chivas USA and Toronto FC--have failed to qualify for the playoffs at least once.

But as a matter of fact Chivas could still potentially make the playoffs.

Presently Chivas has six games remaining in the 2013 season. Six games at three points per win mean the club is capable of reaching at most 43 points. Why is 43 important?

In short, the Portland Timbers and Colorado Rapids--currently with 42 points respectively are the only reachable teams and they occupy spots four and five in the Western conference table.

Even if Chivas were able to string together a six consecutive wins, outside assistance--perhaps divine intervention--is required. Somehow Portland and Colorado would have to lose all of their remaining games. FC Dallas, on 40 points, would also need to stumble towards the finish line as well.

In the words of amateur statistician Jim Carrey, "So you're saying there's a chance?"

Wellll, ... It all comes down to Saturday's fixture against the Timbers. Anything less than a win will effectively seal another year without a postseason run.