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Chivatown Post: Dos a Cero Edition

The Yanks repeat history in Columbus and Mexico will try to repeat history of their own at Costa Rica and against Panama, fans want their voices heard by keeping Cubo Torres in LA, and Chivas USA is finally achieving the consistent lineup that they need.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

‪The Yanks upheld their historical streak at Columbus and shutout Mexico for the fourth consecutive time in World Cup qualifiers with an identical score of 2-0.‬

For one writer, it was more of the same from Mexico.

The playbook for the Yanks is simple. Let Mexico attack and let them make mistakes. The logic is that the more that a team has the ball, the more probability exists for it to make mistakes. And that's how Mexico has lost to the U.S. for who knows how long now, and, that's how the Yanks beat Spain in the 2009 Confederations Cup.

Tuesday night's game was nearly a replay of the last time these two sides met in Columbus. Two dead ball plays, two goals. End of story.

So if the U.S. can extend an already impressive historical record against X, Y or Z team in World Cup qualifiers, can Mexico do the same against their final rival Costa Rica?

Before the U.S. became "a giant" in CONCACAF, Costa Rica was Mexico's main historical rival. They were the first to score a historical Aztecazo at Estadio Azteca. Prior to the 2005 WC qualifiers, Mexico struggled to win away at Costa Rica. That all changed on February 5, 2009 when El Tri took 3 points out of Costa Rica, with a score of 2-1. They then repeated that feat in 2009, this time with a 3-0 shutout.

There is no better or more dramatic scenario for Mexico to play for a chance to go to Brazil 2014 than with a final showdown away at the home of a historic rival, Costa Rica.

But before getting ahead of oneself, El Tri will have a last stand at Estadio Azteca, where they'll receive Panama. Only a win over the canaleros will give Mexico an opportunity to qualify for Brazil, albeit in a playoff with Oceania, in dramatic fashion at Costa Rica.

Back at Chivas USA

For different perspectives on Chivas USA's latest games against Vancouver, Seattle and DC United, visit the latest What the Flock?! podcast where we talk team consistency, keeping Cubo Torres in LA, and more.

Oswaldo Minda started the last four games, and so did Marco Delgado and Bryan de la Fuente, which altogether contributes to very necessary team continuity and consistency.

Chivas USA host the Portland Timbers this Saturday at 7:30 on KDOC and KWHY, roughly at around the same time that Floyd Mayweather takes on challenger Canelo Alvarez. Needless to say, Chivas USA and broadcast partners will also be competing on that front for viewers. For a preview of the Chivas and Timbers match, visit The Guardian's MLS Fan Views on Friday morning for this and other match previews.

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