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Are Jorge Vergara and Chivas USA mending fences?

Is Jorge's vow change we can believe in, or another false dawn?


"I have to accept that, although in good faith, I have been wrong more than once in not doing the precise, the best and the ideal thing"

--Jorge Vergara

In last Wednesday's surprise press conference, Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara admitted that mistakes had been made and, that he "confused desire, impulses, emotion and even arrogance with the good sense and judgment that was required."

The recalcitrance Chivas fans had become accustomed to had become, in the words of Lucas Carreras genuine remorse:

What I saw was a man, beaten down and somber to the point where the reality of what Chivas is as a team right now is one even he cannot spin into a positive. In essence, he finally fell on the sword by accepting that things are bad and need to change.

Are Vergara's words hallow? Time will tell. It's easy to go in front of some cameras and read from a script. Actually rolling up your sleeves and doing the work of making those promises kept is another. I have an open mind, but admittedly I'm not entirely sold.

Chivas USA was always going to be a tough sell: here's a team whose mandate (build the Mexican national team) is a direct contradiction of Major League Soccer's impetus to build, and profit off of, the United States national team's success.

That said, every league needs a villain. Baseball is just more interesting when the Yankees are good.

Vergara needs to get the legal mess dealt with even if it means reaching a settlement out of court. Sometimes its better to look guilty than to spend the time, the money and continue to keep the focus off of the field.

Finally, Vergara has got to find a way to get fans to show up to games. Even in a tarped-off StubHub Center, less than half of the seats are being filled.

I certainly don't have the answers but as a recovery program will tell you: the first step is admitting that you have a problem. Wednesday was a big step for Jorge.