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Chivas USA Axe President Jose David, Hire Arturo Galvez as replacement

Chivas USA President Jose David has been replaced by Arturo Galvez

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA have made another management change. President Jose David, appointed in October 2012, has been replaced by Arturo Galvez.

Full press release:

CARSON, Calif. (Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013) - Chivas USA announced today the appointment of Arturo Galvez as President and Chief Business Officer of the Rebaño Angelino, adding up to his extensive 16-year career with the Red-and-White institution. Galvez arrives to Chivas USA to replace former club President Jose David.

Throughout a very distinguished career, Galvez has held a variety of management and directing positions with Grupo Omnilife-Angelissima-Chivas, acting as International Director and Legal Director for Club Guadalajara and Deportivo Saprissa. Likewise, Galvez has managed Clubes Unidos de Jalisco; group that owns a professional soccer stadium and coordinates events and matches. He held the responsibility to organize events for the 50th Anniversary of Jalisco Stadium. Thanks to these roles, Galvez has gained significant experience on the field, both as a manager of soccer operations and a business and law matters.

Chivas USA's new president has also been involved in very important negotiations and transactions for our group, such as: the establishment of Chivas USA. In 2012, Galvez worked with the Executive President of Grupo Omnilife-Angelissima-Chivas on the total acquisition of the team. Galvez has also worked on numerous negotiations of partnership and broadcasting contracts for Club Guadalajara. Also in 2012 Galvez participated in FEMEXFUT meetings and panels from the Sporting Development Committee for the creation and structure of the Liga MX.

On the educational side, Galvez holds degrees from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, a postgraduate degree from Universidad Panamericana (Guadalajara), and the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia (ISDE) from Madrid, Spain. At ISDE he was entitled with a Master's Degree in Sports Management and International Law.

Chivas USA would like to welcome President and Chief Business Officer Arturo Galvez to his new position within the organization.

What do you think? Is this a good move for Chivas USA? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!