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Gamethread: Houston vs. Chivas USA Sept. 21, 2013

All right, let's do this!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA make their first visit to the BBVA Compass Stadium in their first trip to Houston in over two years, or three coaches ago (5:30 PM PST, TV: KDOC, KWHY, MLSLIVE).

It's a muggy, dreadfully humid, typical Houston day. Over the course of Friday night, Houston local weather had issued a flash flood warning with parts accumulating an inch or more of rain. Temperatures should be in the 80's making this a very uncomfortable environment for anyone accustomed to the fantastic weather we enjoy in Southern California.

I'm curious to see how Jose Luis Real plays it at the back. Last week, Bobby Burling, Mario de Luna and Carlos Bocanegra all played on the back line with Carlos Borja being the only halfback on the field. Borja, courtesy of yellow card accumulations, will miss the trip. Does that mean that Steve Purdy makes the start? Meanwhile, Mario de Luna is a yellow card away from a suspension of his own. Will that affect his aggressiveness on the field?

If Real does trot all four defenders and some gets hurt in training or even during the game, will Real put a midfielder in a defenders role or alter the formation?

Enjoy and leave your remarks below!