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Chivatown Post: The Magic Number 9 Edition

Chivas USA needs at least 9 wins this season to show an overall upward trend for the organization, no matter how little that upward trend is, the blowout at Houston is not a real measure of Chivas USA at its best, What the Flock?! Episode 42 goes online, and more.

Cubo Torres greets fans
Cubo Torres greets fans
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nine is the number of wins that Chivas USA must get this season in order to show some real, but incremental and still woeful, improvement to the organization as a whole. Set aside all of the extra-field matters for now and let's focus on the field product.

The past 3 seasons have been a period of decline for Chivas USA. In 2010, all Chivas could do was win 8 games all season, and the following year they won the same amount. In 2012 they won only 7 games. They currently sit at 6 wins this season. Who says this team has nothing to play for these remaining 4 games? The organization needs at least 9 wins to show that there is a positive direction because if we graph Chivas USA's performance since their entrance into the league, we'll see that we're still in a low and dry valley. In fact, winning 9 or even 10 games this season isn't really much, but only a slight improvement.

To be fair, Chivas USA has been in some close matches this season under José Luis Real and has gone toe-to-toe with some quality sides. In other matches, the Goats have been harmed by lousy officiating--who knows what our record would look like without the influence of poor, or biased, refereeing.

Let's say that Chivas USA wins the next 3 out of 4 games, giving us a grand total of a whopping 9 wins. Heck, let's say they win only 7 or 8. While that doesn't put us over past season totals, this club has shown some quality, up to the blowout at Houston. That game is not, I repeat, is not the real measure of this team. Does it expose the squad's depth, or lack thereof? Yes.

Still, there's much to play for this season even if much means getting this organization a measly 1 game over last year's win column.

Moving on.

What happened to Chivas USA at Houston? Was it all due to improvised defensive lines that never played together all season?

Be on the lookout for What the Flock?! Episode 42, where we break down the Houston and Portland games, and much more.

Are you a fan of EA Sports FIFA? Now you can download a custom cover for the box art featuring Dan Kennedy. Who else would have been good to represent Chivas USA on the FIFA 14 cover... Cubo, Bocanegra?

In Liga BBVA Bancomer MX, Chivas de Guadalajara continue to struggle, this time losing 2-1 to Club León. The two sides played each other in Liga MX and Copa MX last week and the best Chivas could do was tie León midweek in a Copa MX game that Chivas was winning until they blew the lead in the 85th minute. Chivas have still only won 1 game in the Mexican top flight and they continue to sit 15th out of 18th in it, with a -8 goal differential, which shows a downward trend from last week.

For Chivas it's gotten to the point where there's more and more serious talk of relegation to Ascenso MX.

In the CONCACAF Champions League, the Montreal Impact defeated CD Heredia, but will bow out of the tournament with a 1-0-2 record in Group 5. Judging by Montreal's record, teams with 2 losses and too negative a goal differential after 3 games are eliminated and can't makeup points with 3 games left to play. San Jose is an exception. Although the Quakes have lost 2, their 1 victory was a 3-0 shutout of Montreal, which keeps them alive in the CCL.