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MLS 2020: Wagons Southeast!

Major League Soccer—and its television affiliates—are “all in” for a push to the Southeast.

Scott Cunningham

Orlando City has long looked the part. Miami has Beckham's eye. Atlanta Falcon's owner Arthur Blank has had talks with MLS. One can't blame Don Garber for being giddy about his manifest destiny to the return MLS soccer to the American southeast. It's a whole lot more exciting than dealing with the reality that is the modern day Chivas USA.

Using the cover of "pending litigation" has allowed Garber an escape clause when discussing the team's sagging fortunes in both attendance (the only franchise to average less than 10,000 fans a game) or in the books.

As Liviu Bird writes at ProSoccerTalk, Jorge Vergara was brought on in a desperate attempt to bring more owners to the MLS fold in the early 2000's and, Garber and Vergara are "intertwined" together. Under the single-entity structure with which MLS operates, owners in the league share in every team's revenue. I.e. ambitious teams reap the same rewards that Chivas do.

Prospective new owners, before hitching your wagons to the MLS gravy train, consider that your $100 million entry fee is subsidizing a club that can't draw fleas, is mired in an embarrassing and unnecessary discrimination lawsuit and a has a toothless commissioner.