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Chivas USA's Mario de Luna fined for incident on Saturday

The Chivas USA defender was fined but won't be missing any matches for a depleted defense.


Chivas USA dodged a bullet when defender Mario de Luna was assessed a fee but not carded for “violent conduct” in last weekend’s match against the Houston Dynamo.

The Chivas defender is a booking away from receiving a one-match suspension due to yellow card accumulation. Few Chivas players have seen their stock rise and fall so sharply under the reign coach Jose Luis Real as de Luna. One of the fixtures under Chelis, de Luna was initially kept in the lineup—not waived as Walter Vilchez eventually was. De Luna lost his spot to Bobby Burling—Burling who recently re-upped with Chivas signing a two-year deal—and only reappeared in the lineup after Marky Delgado left to undergo season-ending knee injury. Forced to play out of position—centerback after all are by definition—at least insofar as MLS is concerned--not a very mobile position.

I credit de Luna as he certainly didn’t lack the aggressiveness you fear a player sitting on yellow card accumulation. Going against the San Jose Earthquakes, Chivas are lucky to have de Luna eligible and the services of regular left-back Carlos Borja back. Borja was serving his one-match ban for yellow cards accumulation.

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