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Another brick in the wall: Does USC land deal make the Trojans Chivas USA's stadium savior?

Under the terms of the proposal, USC could renovate the L.A. Sports Arena into a soccer specific stadium.

Is a single entity Chivas USA stadium deal soon forthcoming?
Is a single entity Chivas USA stadium deal soon forthcoming?
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday's approval of a 98-year lease to USC by The California Science Center could pave the way for a Chivas USA soccer specific stadium. Per the Los Angeles Times:

Under the lease, USC ... has the option of to tear down the neighboring Sports Arena and replace it with a soccer stadium or amphitheater. The school has talked with Major League Soccer about building a stadium on the site, possibly for Chivas USA.

The lease will become effective once two separated California state departments approve a final document that is then ratified by the Science Center board.

As an aside, a sticking point was fears of lost parking revenues for two public museums. Governor Jerry Brown's administration was able to allay those concerns and push the proposal forward by promising to recoup the museums' lost revenues. At which point, the duty-bound L.A. Times piece stated: "Administration officials did not say where it would get the money."

A demolished LA Sports Arena rechristened into a Chivas USA stadium would be a coup for the Goats. First and foremost, they can establish themselves as the first club to actually play in Los Angeles since the L.A. Aztecs of the 70's era NASL.

Chivas USA could leave it's second-tier status at the StubHub Center. They can stop making the L.A. Galaxy richer and could develop revenue streams of their own.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, any major changes will be another two years away, according to USC athletic director Pat Haden when he spoke to ESPNLosAngeles.

On a personal note, under the restrictions placed by Cal State Dominguez Hills tailgating at the StubHub-for both Galaxy and Chivas matches-is downright, excruciatingly, abysmally terrible. Chivas fans have adapted well making lemonade out of some downright putrid lemons. Not meaning to count eggs before they hatch, but I'm confident the USC overlords will be much more reasonable in this regard.

H/T to Jeremiah Oshan of Sounder At Heart. Thank you Jeremiah!