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Bofo says he's coming to Chivas USA, but wishes he could play with Chivas de Guadalajara

Good sign, or not so good?

Bofo: Wants to go to Chivas, but Chivas USA will do, apparently.
Bofo: Wants to go to Chivas, but Chivas USA will do, apparently.
Bob Levey

The report that Adolfo Bautista, aka Bofo, is coming to Chivas USA continues to pick up steam, despite the club remaining mum on the rumor. Over the weekend, Bofo told Zocalo Saltillo (Spanish) that he was set to sign with the MLS side after chatting with Chivas owner Jorge Vergara and former CUSA sporting director Paco Palencia.

But in that same short article, Bofo revealed that he really wanted to play for Chivas de Guadalajara, but was told no and that he was wanted in California.

Additionally, Bofo appeared to confirm the "gentleman's agreement" in Liga MX, whereby owner collude to prevent free player movement, as he said Chivas told the rest of the league not to draft him in December's Liga MX draft.

Also, Bofo wants to go back to Guadalajara and retire with Chivas someday. Although I wouldn't expect a 34-year-old making his MLS debut to stick around for a long time anyway, the fact that his eyes are firmly planted on Guadalajara even as he looks to make the move north should bode well for Chivas USA's prospects, right?

Bofo did say he was happy for the opportunity to keep playing, so he may be more energized by this opportunity than the tone of this article indicates. I know many of you are very excited to see Bofo with Chivas USA, but I can't help but wish this team didn't get treated like a fall back concern by players and owner alike.

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