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Chivas USA holding open tryout this weekend for U-23 and first teams

Demand is high to participate in the tryout, according to the club.


Chivas USA announced a little while back that they would hold open tryouts for their U-23 and senior squads. The day of the tryout is almost here, as it will take place tomorrow at the Bell Gardens Sports Complex. According to the team, about 200 aspirants will take place in the tryout, and demand to participate was so high that the team had to close the tryout and open a waiting list for those interested.

From the sound of it, it appears the emphasis for this tryout is stocking the U-23 team, which plays in the SoCal Premier League. Although literally every other team in MLS have participated in the MLS partnership with USL that began last year, Chivas were the only holdouts and it is unclear if they will get involved with USL this year. If they do, say to begin a reserve team to compete in the USL PRO, then looking for players who they could bring into the U-23 side would make a lot of sense. But I'm just speculating here.

Since the emphasis appears to be on U-23 players, it appears that if a player really shines this weekend during this tryout, then the team is willing to offer a pro contract. But don't expect to see even one player get signed to the first team directly as a result of this. Remember, the only player from the U-23 side to make the leap up to the first team so far is Bryan de la Fuente, and even he had experience with Chivas' first team before.

At any rate, good luck to all of the participants this weekend. And who knows, maybe this will be the start of a Chivas USA "Invincible" story.

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