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Chivatown Post: Player Haters Edition

It's not an MLS offseason without kicking Chivas a few more times!

Jeff Gross

Hi folks! Did you miss your dose of links related to Chivas USA? We have you covered!

With the Goats making two trades recently, there has been some hope that things will get better in 2014. But all the coaching and GM positions remain open, so that optimism has to be tempered, right?

Folks writing about the team lately sure think so. All I've been seeing is random articles that say bad things about Chivas. Of course, the team has done itself no favors, and it has to be said there are reasonable points in them, but perhaps some more than others.

Kevin Baxter wrote about Chivas in the LA Times on December 24, in the wake of Dennis te Kloese's firing. Baxter didn't mince words in the piece, calling Chivas USA "the most dysfunctional franchise in major U.S. professional sports." That's a group that includes all of Cleveland's pro teams, the LA Clippers (they're doing better, I know), and the Detroit Lions. In other words, that's quite a statement.

Baxter also calls for Chivas to be sold and relocated. So he's firmly in the "fold or move" camp that we've grown to know over the years.

In other news, recently ran through stories of the year and such. Full disclosure: I wrote a piece about Chivas' struggles for the series. But that's not why I brought that up. Over at SB Nation Chicago Fire blog Hot Time in Old Town, Sean Spence wrote about how Chivas' discrimination lawsuits were not deemed the "controversy of the year," and what a...controversy that was.

And then there's a guy named Michael Norton, who writes for Last Word on Sports, and in honor of the New Year he posted an article on Tuesday called "A New Year's Resolution for MLS: Get rid of Chivas USA." You probably get the gist of the piece right there, but as part of his evidence that Chivas needs to go, he cites the low "Fantasy IQ" of Goats fans. Pretty sound, huh?

That's it for the hateration.* With the MLS SuperDraft exactly two weeks away, there will hopefully be more news and fewer "fold or move" articles in the weeks ahead.

* All three articles raised good points, but also had to get their kicks in.

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