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Digging in on Chivas USA's latest draft picks, Kris Tyrpak and Michael Nwiloh

We've got videos!

Nwiloh in action in college
Nwiloh in action in college
Georgia State University Athletics Department (Used with permission of Chivas USA)

The 2014 MLS SuperDraft concluded today, with Chivas USA selecting two players in the final two rounds, Kris Tyrpak and Michael Nwiloh. Since I'm assuming most readers aren't familiar with these players, here's the scoop on both of them.

Tyrpak played collegiately for Houston Baptist University, and is listed as a forward/midfielder. He also made a name for himself playing in the USL PDL in recent years for the Austin Aztex, who won the 2013 USL PDL playoff title. Tyrpak was named MVP of the league last season.

Tyrpak is left-footed and has been characterized as a hard worker on the field. In past years he's trained with the Houston Dynamo, and at least one observer projects him to be converted into a full back at MLS level.

If you are interested in a profile of him, here's an interview with an Austin outlet from last July.

Here's a video of his highlights with the Aztex. It looks like he scored headers a lot with them.

And here's a video of his highlight from the Combine, when he scored a goal:

There is far less information out there on Nwiloh, as he wasn't highly touted coming out of college, and was not invited to the MLS Combine (not that he couldn't emerge as an MLS player, of course it is possible). He started his college career at Central Florida, but evidently transferred to Georgia State following his redshirt freshman year. He then became a regular with the Panthers, eventually working his way up to Captain of the team and was selected to the 2013 NSCAA All-South Region second team.

A native of Georgia, Nwiloh plays as a center back and has good size by MLS standards, at 6'3" and 205 pounds. In this highlights video from college, he is also listed as a fullback, a position that Chivas really need at the moment:

It is worth repeating that all of Chivas USA's draft picks this year are not currently under contract. Tyrpak, Nwiloh, and second round pick Thomas McNamara will likely enter Chivas' training camp, which begins next week, and will essentially trial with the club in order to try and earn a pro contract. If they do not, Chivas will hold their MLS rights for a period of time. As a point of comparison, last year's Supplemental Draft picks (the equivalent of the SuperDraft's later rounds) were not offered contracts, and to my knowledge only defender Joe Franco has any affiliation with Chivas at this point, as he's a member of the amateur U-23 team.

So according to Chivas and MLS history, it is quite likely none of these players makes the opening day roster. Still, there have been plenty of exceptions over the years, and time will tell if Chivas selected any diamonds in the rough in the 2014 SuperDraft.

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