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The first Chivas USA depth chart of 2014

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Some MLS clubs began preseason today. Chivas USA will begin theirs Monday. With that in mind, let's take a look at the current roster, and figure out some kind of depth chart for the players on it:

Goalkeepers (2):

Dan Kennedy

Tim Melia

Defenders (6):

Carlos Bocanegra

Andrew Jean-Baptiste

Bobby Burling

Tony Lochhead

Carlos Borja

Andrew Ribeiro

Midfielders (7):

Mauro Rosales

Oswaldo Minda

Eric Avila

Carlos Alvarez

Gabriel Farfan

Marky Delgado

Carlo Chueca

Forwards (5):

Erick Torres

Adolfo Bautista

Bryan de la Fuente

Matthew Fondy

Caleb Calvert

That makes a total of 20 players on the roster (that have been announced, anyway). There should be more on the way, and it is all to get the roster ready for the March 1 roster compliance date.

There will be trialists, of course, and we know of three of them: 2014 draft picks Thomas McNamara, Kris Tyrpak and Michael Nwiloh. More information will emerge next week.

Tomorrow, we'll go through the specific positional needs ahead of the start of training camp.

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