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Chivas USA's 2014 Preseason day 1 news and notes

Let the games begin!

Players are playing again!
Players are playing again!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's official, the Chivas USA's 2014 preseason is underway:

I recognize Carlos Borja, Eric Avila and Carlos Alvarez. Can anybody name the other players in the photos?

Adolfo Bautista is in town. had video of Bofo arriving in LA, being greeted by members of the Union Ultras, and discussing his move to MLS (Spanish). Here's the link to the full article.

Michael Harris is on trial. He likes to do flip throws on throw-ins. However, he thinks that special skill made MLS teams believe he is a gimmick player, which in turn meant he went undrafted. Perhaps MLS' loss is Chivas' gain? We'll see.

Over at ProSoccerTalk, Steve Davis lays out the current 2014 MLS Cup odds. Are we surprised that Chivas USA have the longest odds? Of course, if the Goats won, anybody who lays that bet will make a boatload of cash!

We'll have more news and notes as they come along.

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