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Paco Palencia named Chivas USA Sporting Director

Second verse, same as the first...

Palencia's in charge, again.
Palencia's in charge, again.
Chivas USA (used with permission)

Among the several news items that came out of Chivas USA's press conference yesterday (more on that later today) was news that the team has a new Sporting Director! Actually, he's the old GM/Sporting Director!

Former Chivas USA striker Paco Palencia was named CUSA's Sporting Director Tuesday, but only effective February 1. You will recall that Palencia became Sporting Director of Chivas de Guadalajara in November. In the meantime, the organization fired Dennis te Kloese. Given the fact that Palencia is taking over both organizations' main front office positions, he is now juggling two clubs at once. Yay?

Of course, Palencia was the organization's point man in Los Angeles last season for Chivas USA, so he has some experience now under his belt on the MLS side. Of course, the team performed pretty badly last year, but maybe he has learned some lessons and given the apparent new direction of the latest rebuild, which appears to be adding more players with experience in the American pro soccer system, perhaps things will go better the second time around.

No more players have been sent on loan from Guadalajara to LA yet, with only Erick Torres currently on loan from the mothership. Still, the move to reinstate Palencia is in line with Jorge Vergara's move to streamline the operations of the two clubs and integrate Chivas USA into the plans of CD Guadalajara.

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