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Chivas USA to name a new coach sometime this month

The new coach is a week or two.

Maybe Chivafighter will get the nod?
Maybe Chivafighter will get the nod?

For those of you wondering about Chivas USA's coaching situation, there was an update of sorts Thursday. Blair Angulo reported on that a club spokesperson said a coach would most likely be determined "in the next week or two."

Chivas USA have been without a head coach officially since November 25, when Jose Luis Real was named boss of Chivas de Guadalajara. That means the post has been vacant 40 days. The same goes for the equivalent of the General Manager post, which Paco Palencia left the same day to go back to Guadalajara.

If you are wondering why the team has been so deliberate in their search, I can't say. But there are some important dates ahead on the calendar, including the MLS SuperDraft, which begins January 16, or less than two weeks from today. Though an official date has not been released, Chivas' preseason should get underway within about 10 days of that, and the MLS regular season kicks off March 9 for the Goats.

They certainly don't need to have their roster set by the time camp opens, but a coach is necessary. As it stands, it looks like the coach may arrive right as the preseason begins. Hopefully he and the rest of the organization can hit the ground running.

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