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Rumor Update: Luis Michel goes to Saprissa, Bofo begins training

One guy isn't becoming a Goat, while the other might be.

Mike Stobe

Following up on recent rumors concerning Chivas USA, there has been a resolution on one player and more fuel to the fire on the other.

First, to get the easy one out of the way, goalkeeper Luis Michel, unwanted by Chivas de Guadalajara or any other Liga MX side for the 2014 Clausura, signed a deal with Costa Rican powerhouse Saprissa, it was reported Monday (Spanish). I have no idea if the fact that Jorge Vergara owned Saprissa until 2011 played a part in the move, but it means Michel will not be sent to Chivas USA, where it would have led to a weird situation one way or the other, with Dan Kennedy firmly entrenched as the team's number one starter. That speculation that Michel was headed to Chivas USA because where else would he go? is dead now, and from the perspective of Goats fans, that's great.

The second player, Adolfo Bautista, better known as Bofo, was spotted at Chivas de Guadalajara's training grounds today. With him not being part of the set-up at Chivas de Guadalajara, as their season is already underway, the implication is that he's getting ready to suit up for Chivas USA, and getting into shape. If that's the case, he really should, since he hasn't played competitive soccer in some time.

There's still no word from Chivas USA about potentially signing Bofo, but since they have their hands busy in looking for a coach still, we may not hear for some time. Obviously, we'll let you know if more news comes to light.

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