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Digging in: New Chivas USA coach Wilmer Cabrera from a Colorado Rapids perspective

We get the scoop on the Goats' new coach.

Cabrera (right, behind Pareja) took a back seat publicly in Colorado.
Cabrera (right, behind Pareja) took a back seat publicly in Colorado.
George Frey

With the news of Chivas USA's appointment of Wilmer Cabrera as head coach today, we thought it would be useful to get a sense of what he was like while with the Colorado Rapids the last two seasons, where he served as assistant coach under Oscar Pareja.

In order to find out the recent scoop, if any, we asked Chris White of SB Nation Rapids blog Burgundy Wave to tell us about the Goats' new boss. Though Cabrera didn't have a particularly public role in Colorado, I appreciate Chris taking the time to give us the lowdown.

It's hard to say what to expect [from] Wilmer Cabrera [taking] over. If nothing else though, you can probably expect that there will be attacking soccer. Working under Oscar Pareja and being close to the US Men's youth program (which has, of course, been preaching a more attack minded style throughout the country) has likely imprinted attacking flair into his coaching.

When he coached the Rapids reserve teams, he usually coached the same 4-2-3-1 that Oscar Pareja did. If he takes that style with him as a head coach, you can expect deep possession by a pair of defensive midfielders and an offense based on movement and quick break-outs. It's very fun soccer to watch, assuming he continues to use that strategy. Until we actually see him take a full-time coaching position with a senior team though, it's going to remain a bit of a mystery.

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