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So...what's the story with Chivas USA's future?

Somebody in the know discussed it, but didn't say a lot.

Rawlins (left) next to MLS Commissioner Don Garber.
Rawlins (left) next to MLS Commissioner Don Garber.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, MLS held a meeting of the Board of Governors (effectively the owners/managing partners of the MLS clubs) meeting in Los Angeles. Although there was speculation ahead of that meeting that news about the future of Chivas USA could come out immediately afterwards, that wasn't the case, as we're a week and a half following that point.

On Wednesday, the first public word on MLS' decision over Chivas USA's fate, which is expected to be a hiatus/folding of the club, reportedly at the direction of the new owners of the Los Angeles club, emerged. And it was from a fairly unlikely source.

This comes courtesy of Paul Tenorio's Q&A with Orlando City SC owner/president Phil Rawlins in the Orlando Sentinel, in answer to the question, "You were recently in Los Angeles for some MLS meetings, did the fate of Chivas USA come up in those discussions?"

Rawlins Chivas USA future

So...something was apparently decided. The question, of course, is when the rest of the world's going to learn about it.

From a fan's perspective, it seems kind of cruel to keep dragging this out, but I guess we haven't reached the "appropriate" time yet.

We'll of course keep you posted on this as we learn more.

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