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Former co-owner Antonio Cué: Chivas USA "was a very successful project"

A former owner, at long last, weighs in on the team, and his remarks are pretty surprising.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Hoy got quite a scoop ahead of Chivas USA's possible final week ever as an MLS club (Spanish). Speaking with former co-owner Antonio Cué, Jad El Reda got a number of pretty shocking quotes.

The standard narrative was that Chivas USA was a failure. Does Cué agree?

Nope. He "does not think it failed, I think it was a very successful project, let's call it successful."

Uh...but mistakes were made, right?

Sure. "...Some mistakes were made. I was at the head of the project, and it's not the fault of anyone other than us."

But again, it wasn't a failure?

For him, apparently not: "I do not see it as a failure, I see it as a learning experience."

Ok, great. He learned what not to do, it seems, while running one of the few first division pro soccer teams in the United States. Glad you got the chance to learn what not to do with this here team.

To be fair to him, attendance really took a nosedive after he and his brother sold their share of the club to co-owner Jorge Vergara in the fall of 2012, and while the team appeared to be in a holding pattern while Cué was the managing partner of the club from about 2006 to that sale to Vergara, the bottom didn't fall out entirely until he had departed.

Still, Cué gives what appears to be hints as to why he not only could not continue as owner of an MLS club, but why the team's reputation as being thrifty, even in the best of times, seemed deserved.

When asked if he would be willing to own an MLS team again, he said, "Honestly, right now no. It requires a lot of money to have a team in the MLS."

And what about the circumstances leading to Vergara to buy out the Cué brothers? Did they end on bad terms? According to Cué, no, though he reiterated that Vergara was the real owner of the team.

"We had a very cordial relationship; Jorge and I when we agreed to do this thing we were very clear that if one day we have differences, he had the right to buy it. We were evenly matched partners in the team, but at the end of the day he was the owner of the team. We ended cordially, about Jorge I can say nothing but good things."

That may be pretty surprising, considering how much Vergara trashed Cué after taking over full ownership of the club, albeit indirectly. It's unclear if Cué is getting his own indirect dig in, by assigning full responsibility over to the Chivas de Guadalajara owner, or if he really thinks kindly of his former partner.

At any rate, if you can read Spanish, I'd urge you to check out El Reda's article in its entirety. Cué discusses what he currently is up to, and there's some more quotes on the Chivas USA experiment.

But based on what he said, it appears he's either living in something of an alternate universe, or the tone used with these quotes doesn't really come across in the article.

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