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If Chivas USA was a TV show...

How might the story end?

Oh my, they ended it like *that*?!
Oh my, they ended it like *that*?!
Adam Berry

With Chivas USA looking likely to...well, there's a lot of different ways we can spin it at the moment, without knowing exactly what's going to happen. It seems they will play their final games this week, under the current moniker at least. Quite likely the team will essentially be torn down so that there's nothing left. It's pretty depressing, let's be real.

I made an observation on how I'm treating the season finale with something a bit more permanent sounding on twitter yesterday, and some folks ran with the concept. Obviously, this is meant to be lighthearted, and if we can't occasionally do sports and pop culture crossover, what is the point of racking up all this arcane knowledge anyway?

HALF-JOKING SPOILER ALERT for shows that aired between 1964 and if you are over a year (or 50 years) behind on your TV knowledge, you've been warned.

Thanks for everybody who tweeted in on this topic. I was certainly entertained.

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