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If ever there was a time to attend a Chivas USA game, it's this last game on Sunday

Do us a solid, and go to the stadium to watch it in person, if you are at all inclined.

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Chivas USA have one more game left in their season, on Sunday afternoon at "home" against the San Jose Earthquakes. From reports that have hung over the team for more than a month, it might also be their last game, ever.

From all appearances, it looks like at the very least like the Chivas USA name is going away. That will release mixed emotions among many, as some still like the original name, and others won't be sorry to see the brand go. In that respect, this last game will represent a turning point in history.

Since nothing has been released yet concerning Chivas USA's future, we can posit that decisions may not be settled at this point. That makes it all that much important to attend.

There are multiple reasons to attend Sunday's game. It's the end of an era, an occasion to commemorate the highs and lows of the last 10 seasons. It's not necessarily a happy occasion, with the team's apparent demise coming following the game, but to be part of a community at the stadium, watching the players in the flesh as part of this particular team one final time, is a real opportunity. Clearly, this is not a typical season finale for a team that misses the postseason.

But it's also a chance to show the potential of a fanbase for LA2. By no means do I blame anybody for turning their back on this club over the years, given the compound struggles on and off the field. But if you are interested in having two MLS teams in LA, then flexing a bit of muscle at the turnstile could do that little tiny bit to convince decision-makers that this is a viable proposition, as long as the commitment and competence to run the club properly is present.

Look, I'm not stupid, I realize a small uptick in attendance won't hold back a hiatus altogether if it's in the cards. But seeing some energy, some enthusiasm for a team in even the very worst of times may influence decisions, either in the short- or long-term, and could mean something. And for those players who have stuck with the commitment, even through the dire times, this year and in the past, deserve your support, in person, one final time.

At the very least, this is probably your last chance ever to get first division soccer tickets in LA for such a cheap price. At this moment, over 50 tickets for the game are going for less than $20 on StubHub. Even buying tickets online via Chivas USA's official website are available for as low as $23 out the door. As a point of comparison, USL PRO club OC Blues are hosting an offseason friendly against El Salvador's CD Marte next month with tickets going on sale at $25. I'm not saying the Blues' friendly is exorbitant - it's actually a pretty good price by Southern California sports standards in its own right - but believe me, you'll never see MLS ticket prices this low in this area ever again.

So what do you think? It should be a nice day: High of 73 degrees, no chance of rain, mix of sun and clouds. 1:30 pm kickoff, late enough that you don't have to get up early, unless you have a real hangover, but early enough that you can still go before the work and school week begins. Bring your family, bring your friends -- seriously, even if you bring a group, there will still be plenty of room around the stadium.

Sunday's going to be bittersweet, no question. But let's have one last go, one last day where we can come together as Chivatown, and catch an MLS game together.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!