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Watch: Felix Borja scores for Chivas USA, after following Erick Torres' terrific run

The kangaroo is on a roll.

Chivas USA took the lead in their finale on Sunday when Felix Borja scored his third official goal in four games (should be four in five, but that first one didn't go in his favor) in the 33rd minute.

Holding the ball in the midfield, Chivas got the attack going when Nigel Reo-Coker played the ball upfield, and Leandro Barrera, sitting in the middle instead of his usual left flank, dribbled the ball up into the final third. Playing a ball out wide, Erick Torres took over the play and did most of the heavy lifting himself. After running to the end line, Cubo dribbled by Quakes defender Victor Bernardez, ran along the end line and shot at Jon Busch's goal. It went off the post, for the second time in the game off a Torres shot, and Borja was in the right place at the right time once again to score.

Hopefully we'll see more in this game, but that could be the last goal in team history. Stay tuned.

One final note: just before the restart, Borja ran over to Cubo and gave him a long hug in appreciation. Like the rest of us, Borja knows how special it is to see a player like Cubo. But congrats to Borja for getting the ball in the back of the net.

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