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MLS Commissioner Don Garber's latest letter to Chivas USA fans

The Commissioner speaks to fans for their "unconditional support."

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Chivas USA shuttering for good, announced on Monday, Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber released an open letter to fans.

This isn't the first letter Garber has penned to Chivas USA fans this year. But the circumstances surrounding Monday's news is substantially different than they were back in February.

It's available on the website, but I'm publishing the entire letter below, as well. It is meant to be read by the fans, after all:

Dear Chivas USA Supporters,

Later today, the League will announce a new strategy for the Los Angeles market. After conducting a comprehensive strategic review of the market and Chivas USA's operations, we will announce that effective this afternoon, Chivas USA will cease operations. This was a very difficult decision. We want to thank you, the fans, for ten years of unconditional support. We are grateful for your commitment to the club and to the sport.

As part of our new Los Angeles strategy, we will launch a new MLS Los Angeles club for the 2017 season and will announce the new team's ownership group later this week. I believe strongly that a new MLS Los Angeles team with passionate local ownership and an inclusive approach targeting all soccer/sports fans will be very successful.

While I will wait until Thursday's formal announcement to get into specific details, I can assure you that this new team will have world-class ownership with local connections and residency and a commitment to a new soccer stadium in the greater Los Angeles area.

I believe that our new strategy for Los Angeles provides the best opportunity for success and is the best way to connect with an engaged and impassioned fan base in Southern California. I am confident that this new direction will help us achieve our goal of becoming one of the top leagues in the world.


Don Garber
MLS Commissioner

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