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Chivas USA may be over, but the passion in Los Angeles remains

For Los Angeles to be a great pro soccer city, it needs a second team to match the passion of Chivas USA fans.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA beat 1-0 the San Jose Earthquakes, courtesy of Félix Borja's third goal of the season in the last game and, as we've since learned, the final one for the Goats in MLS. The Long Goodbye is over.

So, what kind of approach is ahead for CUSA's fans with their team's future erased? From a personal viewpoint, this is not a usual end of season. We are not talking about a team's finale after they've been knocked out of the playoff picture. We waited for this last season game as the latest effort for a team that is going to fold or in a hiatus at the best. Honestly, getting a result in the final didn't matter when confronted with the team's very existence.

The real question here is what remains of us. Despite this team positioned on the bottom of MLS the last five years, fans continued to cheer and support them. And we are still there after 10 Goats' seasons in MLS. A strong fan base ready to commit to this LA2 team.

And finally, MLS made an official announcement over a second Los Angeles franchise on Monday. The new club will start play in 2017. Los Angeles fans deserve it. Goats' fans deserve it. During Chivas USA's Era, we have seen born and rise a small, but strong, fanbase of soccer avid fans that didn't embrace the LA Galaxy's philosophy and soccer approach.

Surely, despite former co-owner Antonio Cué's claim, Chivas USA wasn't a successful project. But the idea to provide Southern California with a different approach from that which Los Angeles crosstown rivals had didn't fail altogether. As Rojiblancos' fans, we have been the other half of the sky.

We have been Torino in Juventus' town. We have been modern Colchoneros de Atletico Madrid in a Merengues' sea. We have been the blue-collar guys in a fashionable, Hollywood-style oriented city. We preached hard work, humility, pride, self-denial as opposed to the landing DPs approach the Galaxy utilized. You can throw Chivas USA out of the scene but not this passion. Maybe the CUSA experiment failed, but this is up to the way the project was built more than about the idea surrounding it. MLS shouldn't and can't give up. There is still space for another way in this town...

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