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So long to the future: Chivas USA Academy to close down in June 2015

Well, so much for nurturing Homegrown talent, at least for several years.

So long, Junior Goats.
So long, Junior Goats.
Alicia Rodriguez

Chivas USA are gone. There's going to be, at best, a "transition period" to the next stage.

The Academy, one of the best features about the club in recent years, will surely remain in existence, right?


During a conference call on Monday, MLS Commissioner Don Garber told reporters that Chivas USA's Academy would close in June 2015, or after the conclusion of the current USSDA season.

Here's my own gut reaction to that news, which was admittedly like five minutes before I wrote this:

It costs money to run an academy, I know that. And it's very, very clear that the new owners of the club want an absolute break from everything Chivas USA, so as to not get failure cooties.

But this seems like beyond a foolish decision. Way to set the prospect calendar back to square one, everybody. Maybe LA2 will have a star Homegrown player in 2020, when the rest of the league have teams full of productive HGs.

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