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Chivas USA president Nelson Rodriguez's open letter to fans

Rodriguez thanks the fans for their support.

Drew Hallowell

Chivas USA are officially out of business, and that means roughly 50 people are out of a job, just like that.

One of those people is the person who ran the club this season, Nelson Rodriguez. Though on Sunday Rodriguez professed to be in the dark concerning Chivas USA's fate, on Monday he released an open letter on the club's website. Since we shared the entirety of MLS Commissioner Don Garber's open letter, here's what Rodriguez had to say:

Dear Fans and Partners,

Later this week, Major League Soccer will announce that a new ownership group has been granted the right to operate a second soccer club in Los Angeles. So as to allow that LA-based group the ability to develop and market a club with its own identity, the League has also decided to cease operations of Chivas USA effective immediately.

While the new club promises to be inclusive and will benefit from residing in its own soccer-specific stadium in Los Angeles, the news is obviously bittersweet for our loyal fans and dedicated partners.

Over the last decade everyone associated with Chivas USA has worked earnestly and with deep devotion. Staff, players and coaches have defended the Red & White with the same pride and honor that you exhibited on our behalf. You have been unconditional in your support of the club, only asking that in return we give our best each and every day.

As like any team in any sport, we have suffered unimagineable heartache as well as enjoyed moments of unbridled joy. We have felt the pain of the cruel ricochet, the unlucky bounce and the wrong clang off the post. However, we have also been blessed to witness Cubo's golazos, the grace of a Claudio Suarez tackle and the superhero saves of Brad Guzan and Dan Kennedy.

History will say many things about Chivas USA, but the one, undeniable truth will be that in every instance - no matter the circumstance, setting or outcome - our resiliency was supported by the indomitable spirit of our most loyal and proud fans.

It has been my honor to be associated with you and Chivas USA. Thank you.

Nelson C. Rodríguez


There seems to be a bit more...heart? in this one. But it's all over now.

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