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Erick "Cubo" Torres not expected to be part of upcoming MLS Dispersal Draft

Looks like there's an exception to Chivas USA players getting thrown into a dispersal draft.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Following news of Chivas USA ceasing operations effective immediately on Monday, and the announcement that a Dispersal Draft would be conducted for the remaining Chivas USA players under contract next season, emphasis immediately shifted to two players: Dan Kennedy and Erick Torres.

We'll discuss Dan Kennedy's situation in another article. In the case of Cubo, the team's breakout star in 2014, the interest in the player from other MLS clubs is clearly palpable, and the circumstances surrounding his situation is fairly complex.

ESPN reported on Monday that Torres would not be included in the Dispersal Draft player pool. According to Jeff Carlisle's report, MLS is "in the process of" exercising Cubo's loan option, to buy his contract from Chivas de Guadalajara permanently, and he will be a Designated Player. In fact, he would remain a DP, since he's been one since joining Chivas USA in July 2013.

It is, of course, not entirely settled whether Cubo stays in MLS altogether. He appears to have considerable desire to play for his parent club, though they remain mired in turmoil and are battling relegation at the moment. It is also not inconceivable that he could be getting offers from Europe. And even if he does stay in MLS, I have a feeling he will have some sway in where he goes, or at least the power to narrow down the eligible suitors, of which there are probably quite a few.

As with the rest of the story, stay tuned for more details on Cubo's future.

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