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In their own words: Chivas USA players take to social media in team's final days

What did the players say and post about the final game and end of the club?

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Chivas USA played their final game on Sunday, and were officially shut down on Monday. With so much happening, we thought it would be worthwhile to collect tweets and instagrams from players over the past couple days.

Before the finale:

Zavaleta had an injury and was unable to participate in the game.

Time to earn three points! | ¡Vamos por tres puntos! #CHVvSJ

A photo posted by chivasusa (@chivasusa) on


I'm pretty impressed that Chivas USA still had old Comex-sponsored jerseys for little kids in a closet somewhere, to be honest.

Three of Chivas USA's rookies, plus one of the team's newest players, reflected on their time in the league:

Dan Kennedy showed the love to fans, and got plenty in return:

— Ryan Finley (@Ryan_Finley9) October 27, 2014 — Ryan Finley (@Ryan_Finley9) October 27, 2014 — Ryan Finley (@Ryan_Finley9) October 27, 2014

The End:

Ryan Finley had a message after news dropped about the team shutting down on Monday:

Want to thank @cdchivasusa and the fans this year. I came in the middle of the year and felt right at home. I had the pleasure of sharing

— Ryan Finley (@Ryan_Finley9) October 27, 2014

a locker room not only with great teammates but great people as well. It was amazing to be able to connect with the fans and get to know

them more and more each game. The passion they showed towards the team was inspiring. Overall it has been a great experience here in LA

and even though @cdchivasusa won't be around next year it will always be a memory I will cherish

And we leave you with this -- a picture that's truly worth 1,000 words:

@chivasusa @unionultras @blackarmy leaving w great feelings for the club and the fans

A photo posted by @1dankennedy on

*Gulp* It's getting dusty in here, guys.

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