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Former Chivas USA GK Patrick McLain claims Jose Luis Real's staff "punished" him for not speaking Spanish

Some pretty shocking accusations from the former Goats' 'keeper.


Former Chivas USA goalkeeper Patrick McLain was interviewed by Soccer Over There in an article released on Wednesday, and boy, is it an interesting read.

By far the most explosive content comes when he's discussing the 2013 season, his second and final one with the Goats. Not only does he contrast Chivas USA's two coaches that season, but he has pretty serious accusations against the coach who finished the season with the team, Jose Luis Real:

During the bulk of that season, after many of the non-Latino players were transferred out, I was one of three or four non-Hispanic players who remained. El Chelis was the first coach of that season and he was very respectful of American culture. I would play for him again in a heartbeat. He made an effort to learn English, and communicate with every player. What Chelis could not communicate in English was always translated for the non-Spanish speaking players, such as myself.

Unfortunately, the next coaching staff to come in midway through the 2013 season was very different. The coaching staff was unable to communicate in English and were not good about translating for those of us who didn't speak Spanish. I was punished by this coaching staff towards the end of the season for not understanding something that was said to me in Spanish, because it was not translated for me, therefore I did not respond to it. I was called into the coach's office and helplessly tried to plead my ignorance of my apparent disrespect. There was no interpreter present and my message was not received. As punishment, I was demoted from second on the depth chart to third.

After the incident I was more vocal about the flagrant discrimination taking place and as a result I found myself without a job in MLS at the end of the 2013 season. I decided it was in my best interest to not pursue legal action because I just wanted to find another club in MLS and put this whole experience behind me. Turns out, it's difficult to find an MLS club who is interested when you are released from the worst team in the league.

I'm a very proud American, I have had family in nearly every war this country has fought in. My family has laid down their lives in the protection of our freedoms and what this country stands for. To be walked on, and treated with such disrespect was a very dissolving feeling. I stood up for what I believed, and, knowing the outcome, I would do it again.

In addition to his discrimination claim, McLain also says in the interview that he was unfairly benched this past season with the OC Blues, and when asked to be let out of his contract, the USL PRO club refused. He said he ultimately bought out the contract himself so he could be a free agent.

It seems he's seen some really rough times the past few years, but perhaps on the bright side, McLain said he was fielding offers for his next pro contract, including possible opportunities in Sweden and other unnamed countries.

Still, if McLain's claim that he was effectively pushed out because he didn't speak English on a soccer team in the United States is accurate, that's pretty horrible, and will only burnish 2013 Chivas USA in lore as a complete disaster.

At any rate, best of luck to Patrick moving forward.

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