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Taylor Twellman: New LA club to play in Los Angeles Coliseum

A temporary home may already be selected.

The Coliseum has played host to many soccer games in recent years.
The Coliseum has played host to many soccer games in recent years.
Kevork Djansezian

ESPN has a daily soccer show, ESPNFC, and I watch it every day. I was eager to hear what they would say about Chivas USA folding, but after no word on Monday...or Tuesday...finally they found a minute to give it a mention in the third segment of Wednesday's episode.

Let me clarify that for attempting to be a catch-all show on soccer, I think ESPNFC does a decent job of covering MLS. Could they talk about the domestic league in the country they're located in more often? Sure, but I do think MLS heads sometimes give the show a bad rap about not talking about MLS at all, when in fact they do show highlights and discuss the league from time to time.

I'm biased, but waiting three days to even mention a team in MLS shutting down was pretty egregious, really. They had to discuss burning topics like "Why isn't Luis Suarez in the Ballon d'Or shortlist?" an award that won't be handed out for months, first.

At any rate, they do some things right, and when they finally did get around to discussing Chivas USA/LA2, Taylor Twellman, who's had an impressive streak of breaking MLS news the past 15 months or so, reported something significant ahead of the announcement regarding the new LA club on Thursday.

According to Twellman, the new LA team will play in the LA Coliseum, to begin their history.

The money quote from Twellman during the segment:

"Here's what I'm hearing: I'm hearing that the new franchise will play in the LA Coliseum until a stadium's built. I'm hearing the LA Sports Arena - that old LA Sports Arena area - is where the new stadium, as of this point, is looking to be built."

You can watch the segment for yourself above.

No word from Twellman on the actual owners, though again, we should find that out on Thursday. Still, if the Coliseum is the temporary home for the new organization, it makes you wonder a bit why the new owners had to shut down Chivas USA altogether and take two years off.

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