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New Los Angeles MLS team to be called Los Angeles Football Club

And there's a website!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's live! Well, this website, anyway:

We're still a few minutes away from the press conference, but there's a website for a team, Los Angeles Football Club, with MLS Next (that's the new logo) branding all over it. 2017 is listed all over the website, so it appears this team is all in on beginning to play after two full seasons without a second MLS team in LA.

According to the website, they're still looking for a permanent home for the club, and it says "you're invited to weigh in" on the new location. Interesting stuff.

Here's the message on the last slide of the website:

LAFC is coming to Greater Los Angeles. And it's up to us to make it worthy of the fans. This is our commitment to you: we will hang banners. We will raise trophies. Great players will celebrate great moments wearing our colors. Seasons are fleeting, but you, the fans, are forever. This is your club. #LAFC2017

Check out the website for yourself. More details will be on the way shortly.

Update: 10:51 am PT - Hey, here's an update. It might not be the name after all?


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