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"El Equipo de Todos:" American Outlaws, Latinos for Team USA team up to release exclusive artwork for Hispanic Heritage Month

A pretty cool collaboration, reflecting the diversity in American soccer.

Steve Alfaro (used with permission)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month this year, and ahead of the U.S. Men's National Team games coming up against Ecuador and Honduras, the American Outlaws and Latinos for Team USA have teamed up to commission exclusive artwork, by Steve Alfaro. The piece, "El Equipo de Todos," (section shown above) is meant to champion the diversity of the United States and the U.S. Men's National Team, with a specific emphasis on "Hispanic players and fans" due to the occasion.

"This Hispanic Heritage Month piece celebrates the contributions of American Latinos to US Soccer," Alfaro said in a release about the artwork. "I decided to focus on the soccer field where these contributions are made and where we as fans unite to watch them be made, the sun represents the energy that is produced on the field.

"The copy 'El Equipo de Todos' is something that Univision coined a couple years ago, it means everyone's team, it still resonates with a lot of fans today. Unite & Strengthen is American Outlaws tagline which I think fits perfect for this piece."

Fans can download the piece digitally on the American Outlaws' website here, and can buy a physical print as part as a limited run (and only have to pay shipping on it), here. Frankly, that they're making it this simple to obtain is pretty great, and if you like the piece, be sure to order it now, before the limited edition runs out.

Also, find more of Alfaro's work on his website.

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