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Columbus Crew reveal new logo, and don't even shut down their club to make the change!

Turns out there's more than one way to change a crest.

Columbus Crew Communications

On Wednesday, the Columbus Crew revealed their new logo and brand during a public event. The brand itself was a tweak on the existing name, as they are going from "The Crew" to "Columbus Crew SC," and their colors remain black and yellow. But their crest, seen above, is quite a departure from the three guys in the hardhat logo that's been around since the beginning of MLS.

They did all this, and didn't even shutter their team to do it!

Ok, ok, I realize the context is way different between the Crew and Chivas USA, the latter club having many more issues than Columbus. What's the Crew's recent reputation? They're boring. They generally have boring players, they're in a small market, they're mediocre in MLS play -- that's the rep, anyway. But that doesn't mean the whole club is fatally flawed, that it's better to scrap the whole thing than make a tweak or two.

But still, it has to be acknowledged that it's at least possible there's a way for Chivas USA/LA2 to evolve without shutting the current operations down completely, right?

MLS 20 New Crew logo

*Gulp* I guess not.

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