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Poll - Chivas USA Attacker of the Year

Who gets your vote for 2014?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Our next poll is up in the season-ending Chivas USA awards, and this time we're recognizing the top attacker. In the Goats' final season, there were a couple of standouts and a handful of players who fulfilled our eligibility requirements for nomination (namely, a combined minimum of two goals and/or assists across all first-team competitive games in 2014).

The players who dominated the individual categories were of course forward Erick Torres, who bagged a team-record 15 goals on the season, and Mauro Rosales, who contributed eight assists in his approximately two-thirds of the season with CUSA. Behind them, Felix Borja (3 G, 0 A), Leandro Barrera (1 G, 2 A), and Marky Delgado (2 G, 1 A) had the most combined contributions over the course of the season.

So now it's your turn - tell us who you think deserves to be attacker of the year by voting in the poll below. And as always, be sure to tell everyone you know to vote in the poll before it closes Thursday afternoon!

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