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LAFC co-owner Tom Penn signs multiyear extension as NBA analyst with ESPN

Penn will remain on your TVs for years to come, talking basketball.

Penn (left) will keep his day job for several years to come.
Penn (left) will keep his day job for several years to come.
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Some interesting news somewhat related to Los Angeles Football Club broke on Wednesday. Co-owner and team president Tom Penn, one of the three principle owners of the new MLS team, set to begin play in 2017, has signed an extension to continue his work as an NBA analyst on ESPN, the network announced in a press release.

Penn has worked for ESPN since 2010, and has primarily worked in studio shows and the NBA draft, though the release notes he'll be an on-air voice for today's Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets game as well.

What's less clear is what this means, if anything, for LAFC. Presumably, most sports teams' owners have a day job that isn't running the team, and Penn has already said he plans to hire smart people to run the MLS team on a day-to-day basis when the time comes. Plus, NBA games are usually at night, so he can still look to build a stadium for LAFC while daylight's burning and do his "regular" job after dark, I suppose.

At the very least, MLS audiences can see Penn visibly on a regular basis -- it just won't be in relation to MLS (though it will be interesting to see if ESPN ever brings him over to promote LAFC or do an exclusive interview with him in the future on the soccer side of things).

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