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Former Chivas USA coach Robin Fraser discusses his old club, LAFC in new interview

Fraser is intrigued by LAFC, but like so many others, says the idea of Chivas USA didn't work.

Fraser in his Chivas USA days.
Fraser in his Chivas USA days.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Remember former Chivas USA coach Robin Fraser? He's been working as assistant coach for the New York Red Bulls for two seasons now, and he was on the great Red Bulls podcast Seeing Red this week.

You can listen to the entire interview here (his interview begins just past the 17:00 mark), but Dan Dickinson and Dave Martinez each asked Fraser a question about Chivas USA and LAFC (that portion begins around the 34:00 mark).

I've transcribed Fraser's comments on CUSA and LAFC in their entirety here.

First, to the question on whether Fraser had thoughts about what MLS is doing in LA (presumably, shutting down Chivas USA and establishing LAFC)?

"I do, I think it's fantastic. The owners at Chivas USA, I think in the beginning, came in with an idea of what they could do and how they could be successful in the league, and ultimately the idea probably wasn't the right one. So that's an organization that struggled mightily, certainly, for the majority of its existence. And given what had happened with the ownership group, it was probably just ending, that it would go away, and then reemerge as something else.

I think it's really exciting to have this new group coming in, and with the kind of backing they have, and the things they're talking about doing. I think it's an incredible market. LA is very much like New York, much more spread out but in terms of ethnic density, and a lot of people there really really loving soccer. And the market can definitely support two teams. I think that it's an exciting time, because if you're going to go head-to-head with the Galaxy, you're going to have to step up pretty big, and it's much like another team coming to New York. If you're going to come into this market, and the Red Bulls have been here for a while, and are pretty established, that you're going to have to come in here and be pretty good. And what it will do, it will strengthen the entire market, because the competition is going to make us better, the Red Bulls, just like the competition will make the Galaxy better."

And when asked if he ever told ownership that things needed to change with Chivas USA in order to survive in LA, Fraser responded:

"To be honest, the owner that I dealt with mostly was extremely progressive. I thought he was fantastic and he saw that – Lorenzo Cue - really good man, really solid man. If he would have ultimately been able to have things his way I think that it would have changed or been modified a bit more and perhaps things could have been different. But they were pretty steadfast in what it is they wanted to do, the overall ownership group. And they wanted to stick with it. And as you can see in several different iterations of it, through different coaches, through slightly different messages, but at the end of the day it was still pretty much the same.

It was difficult. It was always going to be difficult to succeed with the parameters in which they were existing."

It's interesting that Fraser could not bring himself to utter the name "Jorge Vergara" during the interview, but that dude fired him before blowing up an entire MLS team, so maybe he's using the Voldemort principle here.

Still, some interesting comments from a guy who basically never makes public comments at all.

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