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LAFC co-owner Tony Robbins: LA Galaxy "have a lousy facility"

Robbins is excited about soccer! Also, StubHub Center is lousy, in his eyes.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Among the famous people who were announced as investors in Los Angeles Football Club last month, author and self-help guru Tony Robbins was one of the most left-field additions, perhaps. Still, if he's into the project and can help it succeed, welcome aboard.

Robbins talked about a lot of topics in a pretty short interview on Colin Cowherd's ESPN radio show The Herd on Wednesday, and one topic that came up was soccer, and why he's into this new project. Of course, neither Cowherd nor Robbins actually uttered the words "LAFC" "Los Angeles Football Club" or even "MLS," but Robbins still found a way to throw some shade at the LA Galaxy.

You can hear the entire interview here. I've transcribed the entire portion about soccer below.

When Cowherd asked Robbins why he invested in soccer, and what he sees in the next 20 years:

"You look at millennials and they're crazy for [soccer]. And also, I'm an international guy. About every four days, I'm on an airplane in 15 countries, a quarter of a million people, and the rest of the world football is soccer. There's a level of passion you've never seen. This year, if you watched the World Cup here in America, you know, the human wall - the level of energy was extraordinary.

So I look at LA as a market and I say, 'Look, there's two big sports teams always competing. There's the Dodgers and the Angels, there's the Kings and the Ducks, there's the Lakers and the Clippers. There's only the Galaxy and they have a lousy facility, not being disrespectful.'

If we build an extraordinary facility and extraordinary team I think we have an opportunity to do something. There's been a lot of excitement in LA, and to work with Magic Johnson and my friend Peter Guber and Tom Penn and be partners with them, it's just an exciting endeavor. So of course I want to play, and I'm really grateful to be a partner."

It looks like Robbins is going whole hog on "Go big or go home." Also, nice touch with the quick caveat of "not being disrespectful."

Here's hoping LAFC can actually come through with the big, big talk so far.

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