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Kris Tyrpak does an AMA on Reddit, discusses Chivas USA's last day

The striker says all nice things about his old team.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Kristopher Tyrpak was one of seven players selected in the Chivas USA Dispersal Draft last week, and is now officially a member of the San Jose Earthquakes. The forward did an AMA (ask me anything) on the Quakes' reddit page on Monday.

Given the forum, most of the discussion revolved around his new team, and the cultural/culinary differences between Texas and Socal/Norcal, but Tyrpak did discuss Chivas USA briefly throughout the thread.

When asked about playing with Carlos Bocanegra, Tyrpak was complimentary:

...And Boca was awesome extremely down to earth and very helpful he never got an attitude with anyone if they were a bit lost on the field great guy and great professional!...

Regarding the possibility that he had any indication that he would have been taken in the Dispersal Draft:

I wasn't aware at all my agent had told me that there was a chance because ofvmy (sic) relationship with dom but other then (sic) that all the teams stayed quiet

Note: Tyrpak trained with the Houston Dynamo when he was in college, and current Quakes' coach Dominic Kinnear was in charge of the Dynamo.

Tyrpak was asked if he kept in touch with former roommates Donny Toia, Trevor Spangenberg and Michael Nwiloh:

Yes they are all good buddies of mine!

He was also complimentary of how Chivas USA's management treated him:

Very well! They treated me with a lot of respect and whenever I had questions they did their best to help me.

His advice for younger players?

I would have def started taking everything more serious at a younger age and done a lot more practice on my own I feel like that's sometimes better then (sic) training with a team, that way you can try new things without people judging you and making comments. I would also take more time in making a decision on which college to attend def explore your options!

And what was he unprepared for when becoming a pro?

How long the season was! The longest season I had ever played in was 3-4 months not 10!

Finally, Tyrpak was asked about the mood on the last day of Chivas USA's season, which turned out to be the club's last day ever. Were players happy or depressed about what was happening?

It was a little combo of both everyone realizes that an era was coming to an end but everyone in the locker room got along very well and was upbeat about the process! We celebrated with the fans after the game so everyone got to say bye to the fans.

All in all, it appears a season in MLS has not jaded Mr. Tyrpak at all, and despite not playing a ton this season for the Goats, has nothing but kind words to say about the team, apparently.

Here's hoping he'll find firmer footing with his new team.

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