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Erick "Cubo" Torres training with Chivas de Guadalajara ahead of Central American and Caribbean Games

He's back in Mexico...for good? Stay tuned...

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

A tweet from Chivas de Guadalajara's official account on Tuesday sent a few waves through North American soccer:

(Translation: New this Tuesday is a visit from "Cubo" Torres, who is working with the team after Chivas USA's season.)

Some in MLS seem to be worried that this is a statement of intent that Erick Torres is going back to Guadalajara for good.

That's possible, but far from assured. There are several good reasons why he's training with the mothership. First, he's from Guadalajara, and so like many players, probably returned to his hometown in his team's offseason. Nothing strange there.

Second, he's about to enter a camp with Mexico's squad for the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games soccer tournament, which will take place later this month in Veracruz. So keeping his fitness level up, in his hometown club, and oh yeah, with the team that still technically holds his contract (it may or may not be a technicality, but it's true), it actually makes a ton of sense for him to be doing this.

And what's the word from Chivas de Gdl on this? Here's another relevant tweet from the team's official account:

(Translation: Chepo de la Torre [Chivas' current coach, during a press conference]: Cubo was playing in MLS and the season's over, he's been called into the Central American [Games squad], doesn't want to lose rhythm, and asked us if he could train.)

So again, this sighting of Cubo probably doesn't indicate his plans next season. For now, it's a chance for him to stay in shape ahead of a tournament with El Tri.

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