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LAFC to host club's first Twitter Q&A on Wednesday afternoon

Your chance to hear from the new club's owners.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

MLS' newest team, Los Angeles FC, is getting on the social media game early, and in an effort to have a discussion with new fans and observers, are holding their first Twitter Q&A with co-owners Tom Penn and Henry Nguyen on Wednesday afternoon, at 4 pm PT.

Most of the time in MLS, Twitter Q&As are with players, and they can be pretty hit or miss. Sometimes they're with coaches or team executives, and occasionally you'll get a good nugget or piece of news. In this case, since this is the first time two of the principle owners, and presumably the two men making the main decisions for the team in the months ahead, will speak directly with the public about the new team, it's going to be interesting to find out what they discuss.

But since the team said on day one that they want to hear from the supporters about where they want a stadium, what they want the ultimate name and colors of the new team to be and so forth, holding a virtual meeting about this with interested folks seems to be a no-brainer on the outreach and social media fronts.

So get your (hopefully not totally facetious, we actually want to hear some answers) questions ready for @LAFC, and we'll see what Penn and Nguyen say on Wednesday.

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